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SETH Leather Clasp Bracelet | Black-Silverdust

by Hirsch
SKU seth-black/silver

The Hirsch SETH leather bracelet is a must-have for your collection. Made with unique, high quality leather and soft, glove-leather lining, this beautiful piece wears comfortably and flawlessly. A flip-lock style clasp made of high quality stainless steel allows for easy size adjustment.

No surface structure of an animal skin looks alike and therefore each bracelet is unique and differs from the others in detail.

Suitable for men and women's wrists between 160mm - 225mm (6-1/4" - 8-3/4").

Leather care instructions:
The bracelet is a natural product and therefore could change appearance over time thus to a natural aging process. To maintain the beauty of the bracelet, we recommend the following care instructions:

  • To clean the bracelet, regularly wipe the bottom of the bracelet with a moist cotton cloth. After, dry it either at room temperature or simply let it dry on your wrist.
  • Avoid contact of the bracelet with rough surfaces.
  • The bracelet is insensitive to water but it should not be worn for swimming or other water activities.
  • Avoid contact with perfume or hand lotions.
  • Avoid direct contact with heating or car interiors in summer.
  • Avoid cleaning with various leather or other cleaning products, these are not suitable and will harm the product.
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