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Watch Band Sizing Help

Not sure what size watch band you need? Here are some tips to help you.

Watch band sizing is provided in metric. Your lug width is the size you need for your watch in millimeters.
We use a "total inches" conversion for length measuring to help you determine the best length for your wrist size (see "length" section below).

    Lug Width Sizing:


    Your existing band may have the width already imprinted on the back. For example, the number "20" means it is a 20mm wide strap and that is the size you will need to replace your band.



    You can also measure the inside dimensions of your watch lugs with a ruler or measuring calipers to determine the size you need. We don't recommend measuring your existing strap, your lug space is more accurate.
    Measure in full millimeter incriments.



    If you want to use your existing buckle:
    Watch bands typically taper so that the underneath of the watch strap is not as wide as where it attaches to the watch. We provide both the lug width and buckle width in the product descriptions in case you would like to match your strap with an original buckle or clasp.

    If you are using a buckle or clasp supplied by us, we ensure the correct size and attach your selection to the strap before shipping; just select the lug width you need for your watch and we'll do the rest. Click here to learn more about deployment clasps.


    Buckle Width Sizing:
    Measure the inside width of the buckle for the correct buckle measurement.

    If you don't have a way to measure, you can use our Printable Measuring Guide



    If you have an exisitng strap that fits well, measure each piece from end to end, not including the buckle, and add the numbers together. That total number is the length you will need.
    As a general rule, your watch band length should be approximately 1/2" to 1" longer than your wrist size, but this is only an approximate suggestion. Watch size, strap thickness and personal wearing preference can vary the length needed. You can measure your wrist with measuring tape or string.

    Watch band lengths can vary slightly by manufacturer. Our strap lengths are designated as follows:

    Short               6" - 6-1/2", for wrist sizes under 6"
    Medium:          7" - 7-1/2", for wrist sizes up to 6-3/4" - standard ladies length
    Long:               7-3/4" - 8", for wrist sizes up to 7-3/4" - standard men's length
    XL:                  8-1/4" - 8-5/8" - for wrist sizes over 7-3/4"

    Exact lengths for each product are noted in the description field.