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What Is A Deployment Clasp?


A deployment/deployant clasp can help extend the life of your strap by setting your desired adjustment once, rather than pulling through a buckle to adjust each time. When purchased through us, we remove the original buckle and attach the clasp in its place. When you receive your strap you will feed the long end through the opening of the clasp and set it to your desired adjustment hole. This setting will stay in place as you wear your strap, dressing and removing similar to a bracelet, and eliminating the need of using a buckle each time.



There are two types of standard deployment clasps we offer that will work with most watch bands in place of the buckle, the Push Button Clasp and the Hirsch Single Fold Clasp.

Watch bands that can be used with one of our deployment clasps will show the available options on each product page.


The Push Button Clasp, also known as the "butterfly" or "double fold" clasp, has a locking feature that uses buttons on the side to release. This popular style fits watch bands with lug sizes from 16mm to 26mm and is available in four finish options - stainless, gold, black and rose gold.



The Hirsch Single Fold Clasp functions the same way for watch band adjustment, however this clasp has only one folding point and snaps into place for a strong pressure hold.
The Hirsch brand is a long time favorite of watch connoisseurs, and their deployment buckle is no exception. Available for straps in sizes 18mm to 24mm, this clasp is also available in four finishes - stainless, gold, black and rose gold (black and rose gold only for watch bands 20mm+).