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Hirsch Bologna Italian Calfskin Watch Band | Taupe

by Hirsch
SKU 01802-taupe

HIRSCH BOLOGNA Italian Calfskin Watch Band with Quick Release Pins

With BOLOGNA, simple elegance meets stylish understatement and exceptional wearing comfort. 

* Soft, smooth textured calfskin

* Barrel dyed with contrasting backstitched seam

* Hand sewn bar seam along buckle

* Fitted with HIRSCH Quick-Release System

Named after the beautiful Italian city Bologna, this bracelet is made of finest Italian calfskin. A material that fascinates with its lively structure and matt finish.

Manufactured according to the rules of traditional tanning, it receives its extraordinary softness and suppleness through an elaborate milling process. In this process, the leather fibres are loosened and softened under the influence of heat and constant rotation and turning in the barrel. The result is a convincing look that shows off the leather‘s natural characteristics to their best advantage. The HIRSCH Silkglove lining leather guarantees the highest wearing comfort.

* Sizes (lug/buckle width): 18/16mm, 19/16mm, 20/16mm
* Lengths: 
    - Medium - 110x70mm (7-1/8")
    - Long - 120x80 mm (7-7/8" men's regular / ladies long)