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Hirsch Ascot English Chesterfield Calfskin | Black

by Hirsch
SKU 01575-black

A classic cut and exquisite materials are features that mark this characteristic Chesterfield style. This is why ASCOT uses English calfskin leather, dyed fiber-deep in a barrel, as the main material. The traditional Chesterfield style with its characteristic two-tone cloud effect adds a touch of class to this leather bracelet.

The unobtrusive square crowning, sophisticated tone-on-tone saddle seam and finely embossed line on the retaining hoops provide added value. This timeless design never ceases to look elegant, even after several years.

The HIRSCH Oysterglove Supersoft lining leather helps to ensure that the ASCOT bracelet is pleasant to wear and also highly durable.

Make sure you clean it under lukewarm running water from time to time. Then dry it with a cotton cloth or simply let it dry on your wrist.

* Sizes: 18/16mm, 19/18mm, 20/18mm (lug/buckle width)
* Length: Long (L) - 120x80 mm (7-7/8" standard men's length)