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Hirsch Clasps

High quality Hirsch clasps are a great way to upgrade your look and can be added to most standard watch straps in place of the buckle. The sizes are somewhat limited based on the finish, so we do not include them on the product page add-ons, but if you add a strap and clasp together on one order, we will attach it for you prior to shipping. 

It's important to know what size clasp you need. The buckle end of a strap is usually smaller than your watch band size. If you're not sure, feel free to ask us! Here's a link to our sizing guide for additional assistance.

Hirsch offers their clasps in two different thicknesses; the PLUS models are only for watch bands with a tail end thickness over 3.5mm. The standard clasp holds up to 3.7mm thickness).
The Hirsch Pusher clasp is a special style, using screws for attachment. We do not recommend this model unless you are familiar with it. We do not attach it to our straps.