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Hirsch Accent Waterproof Caoutchouc Watch Band | Black

by Hirsch
SKU 40478-black

HIRSCH ACCENT Premium Waterproof Caoutchouc with Quick Release Pins

The ACCENT bracelet is the athletic all-round talent from the HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc line. All bracelets in this collection are highly elastic, tear-proof, perfectly skin-friendly and resistant to external impact such as water, perspiration, UV light and chemicals.

The ACCENT's embedded carbon texture adds a particularly special note to the visual impact. The concave underside ensures maximum breathability for your skin, and the integrated safety catch provides a secure fit.

* Water-resistant and Hypoallergenic; resistant to chemicals, UV light and extreme temperatures
* Fitted with HIRSCH Quick-Release System (speed pins)
* Animal-Free / Vegan
* Stainless steel buckle
* Sizes: 20/18mm, 22/20mm, 24/22mm
* Length: Long - 120x80 mm (7-7/8")