Curved End Stainless Breitling Pilot Watch Band

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  • Heavy weight, high quality solid link stainless watch band
  • Available in 18mm and 20mm
  • Alternating brushed satin/polished finish links
  • Weight: 80 grams
  • Length: 185mm (7 1/4″) with 4 removable links.
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Product Description

Curved End Stainless Breitling Pilot Watch Band

High quality solid link stainless Breitling Pilot metal watch band. The 3.7mm solid links are the same thickness as Breitling uses and have a gorgeous alternating brushed satin/polished finish. Weighs 80g.
Very heavy weight, high quality solid stainless steel watch band. 4mm thick with 6 removable links. This is one of the nicest metal watch bands we have seen.
Length: 185mm, (7 1/4″) with 4 removable links

Please determine the size needed before ordering. Not sure what size you need? Click here for our printable measuring guide.