Blue Breitling Style Sharkskin Watch Band with Deployment Clasp

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EC705-c blue


  • Genuine sharkskin with Deployment Clasp
  • Men’s regular length: 118/75mm (~7-1/2″ not counting the buckle)
  • Padding: 5mm thick.
  • Removable buckle in stainless or gold finish. Can be replaced with push button deployment clasp.
  • Sizes available: 18/16mm, 20/18mm, 22/20mm (lug width/buckle width).
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Product Description

Blue Breitling Style Sharkskin Watch Band with Deployment Clasp

This beautiful Breitling Style Watch Band is made with genuine sharkskin and contrast stitch. 5mm thick padding. Finished with a contrast stitch and genuine leather lining. This band comes with a Push Button Deployment Clasp.We will attach the clasp to the strap prior to sending.

Please determine the size needed before ordering. You will need to know the lug width of your watch and required length for ordering. Not sure what size you need? Click here for our printable measuring guide.

This is a men’s mid length band: 118/75mm (7-1/2″ not counting the buckle). If you need a different length band, please check our store categories for specialty lengths. 

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