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TRITONE | Kudu Antelope | Mustard

by Hirsch
SKU 08564

The TRITONE Kudu Antelope is a perfect match for large and classic watches. Fiber-deep barrel-dyed South African Kudu antelope skin; the velvety soft surface is semi-mat and coated with wax. Characteristic grain pattern for a genuinely individual character.

The wide bracelet offers you a secure and perfect fit. The lining leather is made of high-quality and soft HIRSCH Oyster glove leather. With medium padding, this strap snuggles softly around your wrist. Furthermore, the bar seam along the buckle and the safety stitch on the loose loop are hand-sewn.


* South African Kudu antelope watchband
* Semi matte finish
* Super soft Oyster glove leather lining
* Medium padding with square tip
* Discreet matched color backstitched seam
* Hand sewn safety stitch on loose loop
* Fitted with HIRSCH Quick-Release System
* Sporty white stainless steel buckle in HIRSCH Active design
* Sizes: 22/20mm, 24/22mm
* L
ength: Regular - 115 x 75mm (7-1/2")