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Hirsch Stone Granite | Nature Collection


HIRSCH STONE Split Shale Watch Band with Folding Clasp

The HIRSCH STONE is simply fascinating. As part of the HIRSCH Nature Collection, this animal-free watch bracelet is made of razor-thin split shale and refined with a special surface finish for additional sturdiness.


The STONE is an eye-catcher and provides an extremely comfortable wear. Despite its robust appearance, with its pleasant HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc core and powerful padding, this eye catching bracelet provides an extremely comfortable wear.



* Heavy padding with award winning, proprietary Premium Caoutchouc core lining.
* Animal-free/vegan - made with renewable, natural materials.
* Fitted with HIRSCH Quick-Release System (speed pins)
* Fitted with polished HIRSCH folding clasp/buckle
* Sizes (lug/buckle width): 18/16mm, 20/18mm
* Length details: Medium (M) - 110/70 mm (7")


STONE fits perfectly on classic, as well as Apple and other smart watches that take an 18mm or 20mm strap.


Shipping time approx. 5-7 days