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Hirsch Lucca Vegetable Tanned Calfskin | Black

by Hirsch
SKU 04902-black

The LUCCA is an open-pored, natural, vegetable tanned leather from the finest center portion of the calfskin. The characteristic grain makes this classic bracelet a highlight.

The Lucca also scores with extraordinary suppleness, which is achieved by elaborate barrel milling of the material. The HIRSCH Oysterglove Supersoft lining leather also ensures extreme wearing comfort. The strong padding, the accentuated backstitched seam in manufacture style and the hand-sewn bar seam along the buckle make this leather bracelet the perfect companion for your watch.

This watch band is remborded and edge-lacquered by hand in three-layers and is equipped with HIRSCH Quick Release System.

Easy to maintain clean! Simply rinse it under lukewarm, running water and dry it after with a cotton cloth.

* Open pore, vegetable tanned calfskin watchband
* Exceptional suppleness due to extensive fulling in the vat
* Heavily semi-padded with accentuated backstitched seam
* Super soft oyster glove leather lining
* Hand sewn bar seam along the buckle
* Hand sewn safety stitch on the floating loop
* Rembordé Look Coupé Franc – rembordé edges with hand-lacquer in three layers
* Fitted with HIRSCH Quick-Release System

* Sizes (lug/buckle width): 20/18mm, 22/20mm, 24/20mm

* Length: Long - 120x80 mm (7-7/8")