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Sizing Help

Not sure what size watch band you need? Here are some tips to help you. 
(sizes are figured in metric measurements)

    Lug Widths


    Your existing band may have the width already imprinted on the back. For example, the number "20" means it is a 20mm wide strap and that is the size you will need to replace your band.



    You can also measure the inside dimensions of your watch lugs with a ruler or measuring calipers to determine the size you need. 




    What Length do I need?

    Lengths are measured by adding the length of each side of the strap from end to end not counting the buckle/clasp or the watch itself. Measure your existing band like this to determine the length you need.

    120mm + 80mm = 200mm total length. This is an 8" Regular/Mid-Long Length band.


    If you do not currently have a band in the correct size, you can measure your wrist instead. As a general rule, your watch band length should be approximately 1" longer than your wrist size.
    *This is only an approximate suggestion. Watch size, strap thickness and personal wearing preference can vary the length needed.


    Watch Band Lengths

    Average men's length is 7-1/2" - 8" and average women's length is 6-1/2" - 7", but this is only an estimate!
    All that really matters is the size of your wrist and your wearing preference.


    Watch band lengths on our site are designated as follows:

    Short: 6-1/4" - 6-1/2" (160 - 170mm)
    Medium: 7" (180mm) - average women's length
    Regular/Mid-Length: 7-1/2" - 8" (190 - 200mm) - average men's length
    XL: 8-1/2" + (220mm +)

      For more measuring assistance, click here for our Printable Measuring Guide.