Contest Winner, Brian Crawford: The Elvis / Rolex Duality

Contest Winner, Brian Crawford: The Elvis / Rolex Duality

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Contest Winner, Brian Crawford shares with us an interesting comparison of Elvis and Rolex…


The Elvis Rolex Duality

When Mia Wallace confirms Vincent Vega is an Elvis man in Pulp Fiction, he gives her an affirming sly smile. Ask any Rolex man a similar horological inspired question and you will likely get a similar self-assured confirmation. So what do Elvis and Rolex have in common you may ask? Well, plenty I might offer.

Consider the following argument comparing Elvis and Rolex. They both came into public consciousness at a unique point in time when there was nothing comparable in their respective marketplace. Each had a special ability to scratch an itch you didn’t know you had and serendipitous timing which generated a wild amount of attention and fevered devotion.

Both have been tremendous innovators in their fields with offerings which were first to market. The sum of these advancements vaulted each to the title of King, thus enabling them to become the de facto reference to many followers for the product they represent.

Undoubtedly, both have benefited greatly from exceptional marketing which capitalized on their individuality and inability to be replicated adequately. As a result, they stand in receipt of the highest form of flattery. However, imitations are all too common and seen as a cheap tribute by aficionados in the know. Even when done well, the imposter lacks that certain spark needed to bring it to life with the same gravitas.

Though both are revered by many, they are not without their detractors. What is viewed as original by some is reviled by others as being tired and gaudy. This is despite, or a direct reflection of, their willingness to offer a variety of styles while retaining the distinctive theme(s) that made them popular in the first place.

Their similarity in evolution can also be seen in size and sizzle. Much like skinny-Elvis, a vintage Rolex captures the imagination and emotion of what it represents while offering a nostalgic connection to another time. They are sought out and even preferred by the purists who relish them more than modern versions which have trended fatter and flashier.

So, I’ll leave it up to you to decide if there truly is an Elvis and Rolex connection, but both are still very much alive in their own way. And if we agree to disagree, well “That’s Alright Momma”.

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