Contest Winner, Arthur Seltzer: Preserving a Father's Day Heirloom

Contest Winner, Arthur Seltzer: Preserving a Father’s Day Heirloom

contest winner


Contest Winner, Arthur Seltzer shares a beautiful sentiment on the preservation of watches, and the traditions that follow…



Preserving a Father’s Day Heirloom

Call it quirky or eclectic, watch collecting is not something easily understood in a day where watches are viewed as practically unnecessary in our modern time. With that, the ingenuity of the mechanical watch is largely lost in our digital era. That’s what makes it all the more special when a spouse seeks out a watch to add to your collection. Such was the  case when I received a Seiko SKX009K2,  Seiko’s iconic diver on a jubilee bracelet, in commemoration of a Father’s Day several years past.  Functional yet casual, this is a versatile and handsome timepiece.

If there is any frustrating aspect of watch collecting it is the implicit compromise of selecting a particular watch for daily wear while still offering wrist time to all of the other coveted watches now in the collection. The SKX009 has made the first string of  my daily wearers but it still competes in a select rotation. To recall this gift as was given, it is now worn every Father’s Day since in gratitude for its unexpected arrival.

Another struggle for this modern day collector is in imparting the joy and fascination of watches to the next generation. As products of our digital culture, this generation sees little need for a wrist worn timepiece and, sadly as a result, the charm and elegance of the mechanical watch diminishes with the each generation. So I was quite intrigued when my teenage son took a liking to my often idle SKX009, raising hope that my watch collection would eventually find a caring hand in the future.

While the jubilee bracelet was surely my preferred attachment for this watch, my small wrist always required substantial link removal to make such a watch wearable. On the other hand, my son’s wrist is somewhat wider than mine and, owing to his immediacy and determination, he managed to somehow force the watch onto his wrist. He so proudly wore this watch that I failed to notice, until I went to reclaim it for its annual Father’s Day tradition, that in so doing the metal straps that held the interhorn pin covers in place had irreparably stretched, effectively ruining the bracelet.

I gerry-rigged the bracelet to be make it bearly wearable but I knew that a replacement would be in order. The problem was in finding just the right replacement worthy of this pending heirloom, and one that would complement the face’s uniqueness shade of slate blue and preserve the overall sporting nature of the watch. In the interest of fitting more than one wrist, a band more versatile than a steel bracelet would make better pragmatic sense.

Where better than Strapped for Time to revitalize my SKX009? With choices of rubber, kevlar,  and carbon fiber, with and without deployment clasps, and a wide assortment of color options, I know I need look no further for a replacement strap. Come Father’s Day, this watch will be appropriately rebanded, ready to be worn and shared with multiple wrists.

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