New Ladies Watch Band Selection

A watch band for a ladies watch can sometimes be hard to come by… but search no more. Strapped For Time now offers a large selection of ladies bands in a variety of sizes and colors.

Here’s just a few of the latest additions. If you need a special style, ask us about custom watch bands!

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NEW ITEM – Blue Alligator Grain Watch Band

Our best selling Alligator Grain watch band is now available in a beautiful blue with either matching or white stitch! These bands are hand-made with the finest leathers for maximum comfort and wear.

  • Men’s regular length: 120/80mm (~7 7/8″ not counting the buckle)
  • Dome padding; 5.5mm thick at the lugs, 2.5mm on the tail and very flexible.
  • Removable buckle in stainless or gold finish. Can be replaced with push button style deployment clasp.
  • 18/16mm, 20/18mm, 22/20mm and 24/22mm, (lug width/buckle width).


FL250 Blue Alligator grain watch band

FL200 Blue Alligator grain watch band contrast stitch

FL200 Blue Alligator grain watch band contrast stitch

Contest winner, David Pearson reflects on the complete package

contest winner

Contest winner, David Pearson shares his thoughts on the complete timepiece…


Another watch collector once told me “The last thing I look at when I look at my watch is the time.” This is only increased by the finish of a beautiful watch band to enhance the view.


Whether it be Exotic Crocodile Skin for my dressy Patek Phillipe Calatrava combined with a business suit and tie for a formal meeting. Oil Tanned Leather for my rugged Panerai Luminor with shorts, a polo shirt & boat shoes for a day on the water or a Rubber Dive Watch Band for my Seiko while working in the yard, a great band complements and completes a great looking timepiece.


A watch without the correct band is like a new car without keys or an empty wine glass, nice to look at, but not very useful and it must be the correct band for the particular style of watch. One size or style does not “fit all” it needs to complement the timepiece without detracting from it or being overpowered by it.


Together they make a complete picture, not two separate items, but an amalgam of complementary pieces that while separately are each masterpieces of craftsmanship, coming together to produce a full symphony for the visual senses.

Contest Winner, Brian Crawford: The Elvis / Rolex Duality

contest winner


Contest Winner, Brian Crawford shares with us an interesting comparison of Elvis and Rolex…


The Elvis Rolex Duality

When Mia Wallace confirms Vincent Vega is an Elvis man in Pulp Fiction, he gives her an affirming sly smile. Ask any Rolex man a similar horological inspired question and you will likely get a similar self-assured confirmation. So what do Elvis and Rolex have in common you may ask? Well, plenty I might offer.

Consider the following argument comparing Elvis and Rolex. They both came into public consciousness at a unique point in time when there was nothing comparable in their respective marketplace. Each had a special ability to scratch an itch you didn’t know you had and serendipitous timing which generated a wild amount of attention and fevered devotion.

Both have been tremendous innovators in their fields with offerings which were first to market. The sum of these advancements vaulted each to the title of King, thus enabling them to become the de facto reference to many followers for the product they represent.

Undoubtedly, both have benefited greatly from exceptional marketing which capitalized on their individuality and inability to be replicated adequately. As a result, they stand in receipt of the highest form of flattery. However, imitations are all too common and seen as a cheap tribute by aficionados in the know. Even when done well, the imposter lacks that certain spark needed to bring it to life with the same gravitas.

Though both are revered by many, they are not without their detractors. What is viewed as original by some is reviled by others as being tired and gaudy. This is despite, or a direct reflection of, their willingness to offer a variety of styles while retaining the distinctive theme(s) that made them popular in the first place.

Their similarity in evolution can also be seen in size and sizzle. Much like skinny-Elvis, a vintage Rolex captures the imagination and emotion of what it represents while offering a nostalgic connection to another time. They are sought out and even preferred by the purists who relish them more than modern versions which have trended fatter and flashier.

So, I’ll leave it up to you to decide if there truly is an Elvis and Rolex connection, but both are still very much alive in their own way. And if we agree to disagree, well “That’s Alright Momma”.

Customer Review: Sharkskin Watch Band

Customer Review: Sharkskin Watch Band…

Max writes:

I did receive the band, and it is very nice, and soft. I have attached a picture of my Tissot Skeleton Watch that it went on to. My watch gets a lot of compliments on it, and I get asked if it’s leather, and I reply that it’s sharkskin!! Again, Thanks for a smooth transaction, and I left positive feedback for you. I also book marked you for when i get my next watch, and need that custom looking band.

Again Thanks,



1234                 20160414_215548

Thanks Max! We love this band too. The Breitling Style Sharkskin Watch Band is made in Germany with a genuine sharkskin and soft leather lining. Extra flexible, 5mm thick padding; contrast stitch and stainless or gold tone buckle.

Breitling Style Sharkskin Watch Band

Can also be paired with the Push Button Deployment Clasp in any finish (highly recommended)!

push button options

Contest Winner, Arthur Seltzer: Preserving a Father’s Day Heirloom

contest winner


Contest Winner, Arthur Seltzer shares a beautiful sentiment on the preservation of watches, and the traditions that follow…



Preserving a Father’s Day Heirloom

Call it quirky or eclectic, watch collecting is not something easily understood in a day where watches are viewed as practically unnecessary in our modern time. With that, the ingenuity of the mechanical watch is largely lost in our digital era. That’s what makes it all the more special when a spouse seeks out a watch to add to your collection. Such was the  case when I received a Seiko SKX009K2,  Seiko’s iconic diver on a jubilee bracelet, in commemoration of a Father’s Day several years past.  Functional yet casual, this is a versatile and handsome timepiece.

If there is any frustrating aspect of watch collecting it is the implicit compromise of selecting a particular watch for daily wear while still offering wrist time to all of the other coveted watches now in the collection. The SKX009 has made the first string of  my daily wearers but it still competes in a select rotation. To recall this gift as was given, it is now worn every Father’s Day since in gratitude for its unexpected arrival.

Another struggle for this modern day collector is in imparting the joy and fascination of watches to the next generation. As products of our digital culture, this generation sees little need for a wrist worn timepiece and, sadly as a result, the charm and elegance of the mechanical watch diminishes with the each generation. So I was quite intrigued when my teenage son took a liking to my often idle SKX009, raising hope that my watch collection would eventually find a caring hand in the future.

While the jubilee bracelet was surely my preferred attachment for this watch, my small wrist always required substantial link removal to make such a watch wearable. On the other hand, my son’s wrist is somewhat wider than mine and, owing to his immediacy and determination, he managed to somehow force the watch onto his wrist. He so proudly wore this watch that I failed to notice, until I went to reclaim it for its annual Father’s Day tradition, that in so doing the metal straps that held the interhorn pin covers in place had irreparably stretched, effectively ruining the bracelet.

I gerry-rigged the bracelet to be make it bearly wearable but I knew that a replacement would be in order. The problem was in finding just the right replacement worthy of this pending heirloom, and one that would complement the face’s uniqueness shade of slate blue and preserve the overall sporting nature of the watch. In the interest of fitting more than one wrist, a band more versatile than a steel bracelet would make better pragmatic sense.

Where better than Strapped for Time to revitalize my SKX009? With choices of rubber, kevlar,  and carbon fiber, with and without deployment clasps, and a wide assortment of color options, I know I need look no further for a replacement strap. Come Father’s Day, this watch will be appropriately rebanded, ready to be worn and shared with multiple wrists.

TheWatchFace’s Guide for Metal Straps

Metal watch straps or bracelets are arguably the most common and iconic type of watch strap, and after the continued success of our strap guides I thought I had to do one featuring them.

A big thank you to StrappedForTime for sending out the straps featured in this guide.


Now this is slightly off topic, but in the picture above you can see the Citizen NY0040, which we also did a review on.

Probably the most commonly asked question about that watch is where you can get the metal bracelet for it, which are becoming increasingly rare, and even though the one in the picture above isn’t the original one it looks great in my opinion and fits really well…

Blog Contest: Only a few days left to enter!

Are you good at writing? Do you love all things watches? Write a blog about one of our items, or about watches and watch bands in general, and be entered for a chance to win a $100 Strapped For Time gift certificate good towards any products on our site! Send your entries by email February 20th through March 20th, 2016 to [email protected] to be entered to win.

Three winners will be announced on March 31st, 2016!

Blog entries must be relevant to Strapped For Time products, or watches and watch bands in general (subject to review by Strapped For Time staff); minimum 200 word count per entry; winners will be contacted through email address provided with entry. By submitting your entry, you agree to allow Strapped For Time to post your blog through direct website and/or social media by Strapped For Time. All submissions meeting minimum requirements will be automatically submitted in contest. Three $100 gift certificates will be award by random selection on March 31st, 2016; gift certificates redeemable at only. No purchase necessary to win.

Strapped For Time Blog Contest

The Watch Face Kevlar Watch Band Review


Kevlar is the synthetic material used for bullet proof vests and other similar appliances, and when I found out you could get Kevlar watch straps I was immediately intrigued.

After browsing around the internet, I got in touch with a company called StrappedForTime who kindly sent some of the models they sell to be used in this article.

At first I was immediately impressed with the quality and durability of these straps. You can really feel just by wearing the strap that it will be able to take anything.

On top of the quality and durability, they also look very cool and rugged and look especially good on diver’s watches as seen with my Citizen NY0040.

They are synthetic, so on top of everything they are also waterproof which is a definite bonus…

TheWatchFace’s Guide for Carbon Fibre Straps

The Watch Face Carbon Fibre Straps

I was looking for more alternate strap options to look at after the huge success of the strap guides on TheWatchFace, and after browsing around the internet I found a very exciting, good looking and waterproof option, Carbon Fibre Straps.

I was immediately intrigued, and got in touch with the company StrappedForTime, who kindly sent out the straps featured in this guide… 

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