Contest winner, David Pearson reflects on the complete package

Contest winner, David Pearson reflects on the complete package

contest winner

Contest winner, David Pearson shares his thoughts on the complete timepiece…


Another watch collector once told me “The last thing I look at when I look at my watch is the time.” This is only increased by the finish of a beautiful watch band to enhance the view.


Whether it be Exotic Crocodile Skin for my dressy Patek Phillipe Calatrava combined with a business suit and tie for a formal meeting. Oil Tanned Leather for my rugged Panerai Luminor with shorts, a polo shirt & boat shoes for a day on the water or a Rubber Dive Watch Band for my Seiko while working in the yard, a great band complements and completes a great looking timepiece.


A watch without the correct band is like a new car without keys or an empty wine glass, nice to look at, but not very useful and it must be the correct band for the particular style of watch. One size or style does not “fit all” it needs to complement the timepiece without detracting from it or being overpowered by it.


Together they make a complete picture, not two separate items, but an amalgam of complementary pieces that while separately are each masterpieces of craftsmanship, coming together to produce a full symphony for the visual senses.

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